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Welcome to <<Organisation Name>>
"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual"
Albert Einstein

Opportunities - Yes, opportunity for development accorded to the individual is very essential for any civilisation to progress without any impediments. Rural development is the most important factor for the peaceful co-existence in any given cultured society.

In today's modern age, there has been a vast difference and inequality between the major towns and the villages. The facilities that are available in the villages are few and too far between. There is an urgent need to eliminate this inequality. In fact the operational areas where we work are having problems like lack of food security for the poor rural landless people and the decent regular employment opportunities.

People where we work are mostly illiterate and downtrodden. They have no one to tell them how to lead a better and healthy life. Poverty, illiteracy, not getting regular decent employment, scarce food and water resources are some of the plaguing problems.

Who cares for these unattended but industrious rural folks? We do.

<<Organisation Name>> is an institution who works with the uncompromising commitment for the benefit of the poor rural folks. It believes that these poor people who became oppressed, marginalised and downtrodden due to unfortunate circumstances too have an equal right to lead a carefree life just like anyone else in the society. Poor fellows! They are the one who are instrumental in bringing in the food security for the society at large.

<<Organisation Name>> was established as the public charitable trust in the year <year>. Based in <xyz> (location), <<Organisation Name>> has been doing the commendable work in the field of rural development by helping the poor rural people in getting access to the necessary basic amenities from the government and other donor agencies and also providing additional facilities every now and then. Over the years the <<Organisation Name>> has been able to help <xyz> (numbers) poor rural people to overcome from their difficult social, cultural and financial situation.

Now at present we are covering the rural population in the area <xyz> (name of the locations) to the tune of <xyz> (numbers) people who are in distress.