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Come si puņ aiutare

You can help us
By sharing your time
By sharing your money
Share your time with us - Volunteer for a good cause!
"To show great love for God and our neighbour we need not do great things. It is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful for God."
-Mother Teresa

The desperate souls are looking for the kind human beings to be around with them. We appeal to you that you can spend your free time with our people. You can share a joke or a story with them. You can share your teaching skill or other skill which you may fee apt for the rural folks. You can sing and dance if you feel like doing for them. Our honourable rural folks will surely like you for the things you do for them. If you know any skill to teach, you are welcome.

Our people in turn will share with you some of the most interesting things that happened in their lives.

We guarantee you that not only our rural community people, but you too will enjoy the time you spend in our place. We are sure that you will be eagerly looking forward for the next time you want to spend your time amidst our residents.

Please call us to inform about your coming.

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How you can help - Contribute money for a good cause! (Page 7) Subsection

We are in need of money to run the institution. There is a great demand for the financial resources as we are involved in so many activities. These activities are really worthwhile and meaningful activities which bring positive changes in the lives of the rural poor. Your generous donation will go a long way in the welfare of the destitute children.

We appeal to you to donate to the good cause generously. Please help us to help the poor and destitute rural people and their children.

On the occasion of your Birthday, Wedding Day and other Family Functions, you can contribute as you wish

The donation schemes are as follows:
  • Monthly Membership Scheme
  • Maintaining one poor family per Month <amount>
  • Sponsor for medication per family <amount>
  • Donation in kind. It could be any article which you may find useful for the rural people
  • General Donation <amount> Please enter any amount
The Cheques / DD may be drawn in favour of <<Organisation Name>> and the Donations in kind i.e., Provisions, Clothes, Medicines, etc., will also be acknowledged with thanks.

Donations are exempted under <Income tax exemption sec no>

You can credit your contribution by way of Cheque by crediting to our bank account. <The bank account> details are given below.

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